How Long Does it Take to Get a Work Visa for Romania?


Dreaming of working in the charming country of Romania? Well, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey. But wait! Before you hop on that plane, there’s a little paperwork to sort out. One crucial piece of the puzzle is obtaining a work visa. Now, you might be wondering, “How long will that take?” Ah, the anticipation! Fear not, my curious friend, for I shall guide you through the intricacies of this process, preparing you for what lies ahead.

The Path to a Romanian Work Visa

1. Initial Steps: Before you start daydreaming about the Transylvanian castles or hearty servings of sarmale, take a deep breath and gather the necessary documents. These usually include an employment contract, a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and a completed visa application form. Ensure your passport stays valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of departure.

2. Submission and Evaluation: With your paperwork in order, it’s time to submit your application to the Romanian diplomatic mission or consulate. Here’s where the clock begins to tick. The evaluation process usually takes around 30 days, but keep in mind it may vary. Oh, the suspense!

3. Approval and Documentation: Congratulations! You’ve successfully hurdled the evaluation stage. The authorities deem you worthy of a work visa. Rejoice, for it’s a cause for celebration! Once approved, you’ll receive a visa approval letter, which you must present upon your arrival in Romania. Remember, patience is key in this endeavor.

4. Visa Sticker Stamp: The anticipation heightens as you proceed to the Romanian consulate once again, this time in your home country. Here, they will affix a visa sticker into your passport, sealing the deal. Oh, imagine the satisfaction of seeing that stamp! Wait for it, like a plot twist in a gripping novel.

5. The Exciting Wait: Ah, the final step. Breathe and be patient as it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks for the visa sticker to be affixed. Feel the excitement build up inside you, like the anticipation of unwrapping a birthday gift. There’s a whole new chapter of your life waiting to be explored.


As you emerge from the maze of paperwork, interviews, and evaluations, take a moment to appreciate the journey you’ve embarked upon. While the process of obtaining a work visa for Romania may seem daunting, it also serves as a testament to your determination and resilience. Remember to embrace the adventures that lie ahead. Romania awaits your presence, dear reader, so go forth and chase your dreams!


1. Can I apply for a work visa in Romania while on a tourist visa?
Sadly, no. You must apply for a work visa before entering Romania. Attempting to switch visas while already in the country can lead to complications. So, plan ahead and start the process before setting foot in this beautiful land.

2. Are there any shortcuts to expedite the visa process?
While it may seem tempting to find shortcuts, the process for obtaining a work visa in Romania follows a strict set of guidelines. However, ensuring that all your documents are in order and submitting a complete application can help streamline the process.

3. Can my employer assist in speeding up the visa process?
Your employer’s involvement is crucial, as they must provide essential documents and support your application. However, the visa process timeline is primarily under the authority of the Romanian diplomatic mission or consulate, so your employer’s influence may be limited.

4. What happens if my visa application is rejected?
In the unfortunate event of rejection, take a moment to process your disappointment. But fear not, for it’s not the end of your journey. Assess the reasons for rejection, correct any errors, and try again. Persistence can often lead to success.

5. Can I extend my work visa if I wish to stay longer in Romania?
Absolutely! If you find yourself falling in love with Romania, as many do, and desire to extend your stay beyond the initial work visa, there are options available to you. Consult the Romanian authorities or your employer to explore the process of extending your visa.

Take these FAQs as signposts along your path, guiding you through the twists and turns of the work visa labyrinth. Good luck, dear reader, as you set forth on your Romanian adventure!