Are you dreaming of a life in Slovakia? A place filled with rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted people? Well, if you’re ready to make that dream a reality, you’ll need to secure a permanent work visa for Slovakia. This golden ticket will open doors to a myriad of opportunities, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and contribute your skills to the local workforce.

But how exactly can you obtain this coveted visa? Let’s embark on a journey together to uncover the ins and outs of the permanent work visa process in Slovakia.

Understanding the Permanent Work Visa for Slovakia

A permanent work visa, often referred to as the “živnostenský list” in Slovak, grants individuals the right to work and stay in Slovakia for an extended period.

Whether you’re a skilled professional, an entrepreneur, or a self-employed individual, this visa is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. It offers stability, security, and the freedom to pursue your passions in this enchanting country.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to assess your eligibility for a permanent work visa in Slovakia. The requirements may vary depending on your specific circumstances, so let’s take a closer look at some common eligibility criteria:

  1. Job Offer or Business Plan: To qualify for a permanent work visa, you typically need to demonstrate that you have a genuine job offer from a Slovak employer or a well-thought-out business plan if you’re an entrepreneur. This displays your commitment to contributing to the local economy.
  2. Proof of Qualifications: Certain professions may require specific qualifications or certifications. It’s essential to provide evidence of your expertise or education in fields such as healthcare, engineering, or education.
  3. Financial Means: Demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents during your stay is an important requirement. This ensures that you won’t become a burden on the Slovak social welfare system.
  4. Clean Criminal Record: Like any country, Slovakia prioritizes the safety and security of its citizens. You’ll need to provide a criminal record certificate from your home country to prove your trustworthiness.

Remember, these are just general guidelines, and it’s always recommended to consult with the Slovak embassy or consulate in your home country for precise information regarding your eligibility.

Step 2: Gather the Required Documents

Once you’ve determined your eligibility, the next step is to gather the necessary documents to support your application for a permanent work visa. While the exact requirements may vary slightly based on your specific circumstances, here are the key documents typically required:

  1. Completed Application Form: Obtaining and filling out the official application form is the first step in the document collection process. Ensure that you answer all the questions accurately and truthfully.
  2. Valid Passport: Your valid passport is your gateway to Slovakia. Make sure it has at least six months of validity remaining and contains empty pages for visa stamps.
  3. Job Offer Letter or Business Plan: If you’re joining a Slovak company, you’ll need a job offer letter that outlines your position, responsibilities, and terms of employment. For entrepreneurs, a comprehensive business plan is crucial to showcase your vision.
  4. Proof of Qualifications: Provide certified copies of your professional qualifications, such as university degrees or certifications. These will validate your skills and expertise in your chosen field.
  5. Criminal Record Certificate: Obtain a police clearance certificate from your home country or any other countries you’ve resided in for an extended period. This certificate assures the Slovak authorities of your clean background.
  6. Financial Documents: Prepare bank statements, income tax returns, or any other financial proof that demonstrates your ability to support yourself and any dependents during your stay in Slovakia.

Step 3: Submitting Your Application

Armed with all the necessary documents, it’s time to submit your application for a permanent work visa. Here’s a brief overview of the application process:

  1. Embassy or Consulate: Visit the Slovak embassy or consulate in your home country to submit your application in person. Be sure to check their website for specific instructions and appointment requirements.
  2. Application Fee: Pay the required visa application fee, which may vary depending on your nationality and the specific visa type. Keep the payment receipt as proof of payment.
  3. Interview and Biometrics: During your visit to the embassy or consulate, you may be asked to attend an interview to discuss your application further. Additionally, your fingerprints and photograph will be taken for biometric purposes.
  4. Waiting Game: After submitting your application, it’s time to play the waiting game. The processing time for a permanent work visa can vary, so try to be patient while the Slovak authorities review your application.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our journey through the intricate world of obtaining a permanent work visa for Slovakia. By understanding the eligibility criteria, gathering the required documents, and submitting a complete application, you’re well on your way to embarking on an exciting adventure in this beautiful country. Remember, while the process may seem daunting at times, the outcome is worth every effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply for a permanent work visa in Slovakia without a job offer?
While a job offer is a common requirement for a permanent work visa, certain exceptions may exist. It’s advisable to consult with the Slovak embassy or consulate for specific information related to your circumstances.

How long does it take to process a permanent work visa application in Slovakia?
The processing time can vary depending on various factors. It’s best to contact the Slovak embassy or consulate for precise information regarding current processing times.

Can I bring my family with me on a permanent work visa to Slovakia?
In most cases, yes! Permanent work visas generally allow individuals to bring their spouse, children, or dependents with them. However, specific requirements and documentation may be necessary. It’s important to consult with the Slovak authorities for comprehensive details.

What happens if my permanent work visa application is rejected?*
If your application is rejected, don’t despair. You may have the opportunity to appeal the decision or consider alternative visa options. Always seek advice from immigration experts or legal professionals to explore the best path forward.

Can I switch jobs while on a permanent work visa in Slovakia?*
Generally, permanent work visas in Slovakia are tied to a specific employer or business. If you wish to switch jobs, you may need to inform the authorities and obtain the necessary permissions. It’s crucial to adhere to the visa regulations to maintain your legal status within the country.